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Hi there! I am Tania Zhydkova, a senior writer for tech companies and a mentor for other writers.

I help companies improve brand awareness and lead generation through proper content writing. My content drives traffic, generates leads, and speeds up the sales process.

I also mentor other writers. I help them grow their skills and monetize their talent as efficiently as possible.

Tania Zhydkova, Content Marketing Expert

What people say about working with me

Nadia Andrushchenko, Co-founder and CEO

“Tania has completely changed the company's communication strategy. 


As a result of the year of her work: doubled organic coverage in social media; refreshed the brand design; generated and implemented a dozen non-standard communication projects."

Denis Matusovskiy, Senior copywriter and brand journalist

“Tania is a major advocate for using data to prioritize new content development and refinements. Data has confirmed her decisions were correct, too."

Kirill Chabanov, COO

“Tania's expertise in content strategies, SEO, and SMM significantly contributed to our brand's growth."
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My mission is to build an emotional connection between people and businesses.

To achieve this, I continuously explore human psychology, marketing trends, and new tools. While working with me, you can be sure that I'll be constantly testing new approaches and proposing creative ideas on how to boost your results.

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