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SaaS Content Strategy Template + 80 Tiny Mistakes Causing Giant Bottlenecks


Ever felt like your content strategy was stuck in a never-ending traffic jam? Yeah, join the club! No matter how hard I slammed the gas, those pesky bottlenecks led me in circles again and again.

Some mistakes took an hour to fix, others took WAIT A MINUTE months!

I learned the lessons from this ebook the hard way.


In a couple of weeks, I will share it with the world so that you can shine as a Content Lead and grow your SaaS better, easier, and faster.


53 mistakes I’ve done and fixed myself 🥵

+ 27 mistakes I’ve observed being done by others and had to fix myself 🥵🥵🥵

Don't wait until the end of the quarter/year.

Fix your content strategy mistakes already this month to exceed the expected growth at the end of the quarter. 

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